“I’ve successfully treated my brown spots”

Img_“I’ve successfully treated my brown spots”

At the age of 35, Florence developed brown spots on her face and the back of her hands. With the help of her dermatologist, and thanks to suitable measures, she has succeeded in treating them effectively.


Florence, when did your brown spots appear?

A few years ago, brown spots began to gradually appear on my face. Some were also visible on the back of my hands. My nephew Jules, who is 5, even asked me why my hands were dirty! Seeing that these spots were getting worse over time, I started to get a bit worried.


How did you react?

I didn’t take it very well. It was as if my skin had aged 20 years all of a sudden. Wrinkles are normal, at my age everyone has them. But brown spots are different. They reminded me of the marks you see on very old people. They’re not very attractive in any case, so I chose not to resign myself to them. I therefore went to see a dermatologist who explained that my brown spots were a common problem, mainly caused by regular sun exposure. He prescribed me a depigmentation product to remove the spots and protect my skin from the sun on a daily basis.

The solution

Did using a depigmentation product make a difference?

It took 4 months of treatment before the spots really went away. But it was worth the wait! Of course, I now continue to follow my dermatologist’s recommendations. I’m too afraid the problem will come back! So I'm careful about the sun and protect my skin all year round with a product that contains sunscreen. I also use a high factor sun cream when my skin is likely to be very exposed. Not forgetting to apply it to my hands! I’m pleased I’ve been able to successfully treat my brown spots, because I thought my skin was going to be like that forever!

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