"I did not make the same mistakes with the sun during my second pregnancy"

Img_"I did not make the same mistakes with the sun during my second pregnancy"

During Marie's first pregnancy, her face became covered in brown spots; her skin was affected by pregnancy mask. However, during her second pregnancy, she protected herself from the sun and managed to avoid this inconvenience. Here is her testimony.


Marie, why do you think you developed pregnancy mask?

Because I have blond hair and light-coloured eyes, I never thought I would get a pregnancy mask. I was wrong: I realised it during a trip to Brittany during the fourth month of my pregnancy.


At what point exactly did the pregnancy mask appear?

I woke up one morning and I noticed a brown line above my lip, like a coffee stain. But I had applied sunscreen! I ultimately ended up with a major pregnancy mask on my face! It lasted the entire pregnancy and even for several months after the baby was born. Last year I became pregnant with my second child. And this time I took all the precautions!!

The solution


I went to see a dermatologist. She explained that pregnancy mask is related to hormones and that I had to be particularly careful at the beginning of my pregnancy. She strongly recommended I avoid sun exposure and that I wear a hat, SPF 50 sunscreen and sunglasses--in short, that I get as much protection as possible. I followed her advice and the pregnancy mask did not make a repeat appearance.

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