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I only recommend High and Very High protection

Img_I only recommend High and Very High protection

UV rays are responsible for skin ageing. Everybody needs sun protection. Protection can be obtained through clothing, a hat, anti-UV sunglasses and sun protection products on uncovered skin, as indicated by dermatologists.

What are the key principles of sun protection?

The type of exposure (mountains, ocean, beach) requires that you maximise protection, depending on reverberation.

Greater attention should be given to fair skin that sunburns easily. The time of day must also be considered: you caution is called for between 11 a.m. and 4.p.m. 

It is essential to reapply sun protection products every two hours and they must also be applied in sufficient quantities.

Are your patients not a bit lost when it comes to choosing their sun protection products?

There is a wide range of selections.

Now we have simplified the labels which mention four categories of protection. Low, Moderate, High, Very High. I only recommend the last two categories.

It is necessary to use a broad spectrum covering UVB rays (responsible for sunburns) and UVA rays (which accelerate ageing). Finally, you have to choose the galenic form (cream, fluid cream, gel, etc.) that is best suited to the areas in question and the patient's preferences.

What do you feel are the qualities of good photoprotection?

First, their efficacy.

For clothing, you should opt for tightly woven fibres and fabrics in dark colours. For protection products, go for High and Very High protection reapplied regularly

Sunglasses must have CE approval in category 3 and 4. Other characteristics of sun protection products include: good tolerance, photostability, water resistance and perspiration resistance. To ensure they are used properly, products must be pleasant and practical.

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