"Make-up for sensitive skin: for me, it's a success!"

Img_"Make-up for sensitive skin: for me, it's a success!"

After a while, Anna's eyes could hardly tolerate anything. Just when she thought she would have to give up her beauty habits, she discovered gentle, tolerant make-up. Here is her story.


Anna, do you consider your eyes to be especially sensitive?

In the beginning, we tend to think that it's the cold that causes our eyes to water. As for me, I had itching and watery eyes, so when I had a check-up with my ophthalmologist, I asked if all that was normal. Apparently so! The polluted air of Paris and time spent in front of my computer do not help the fact that I've been wearing contact lenses for 20 years now.


So you did not do anything for your eyes?

I did! After this appointment, there was but one thing left to do: pay more attention to my eyes. I started by wearing my contacts for shorter lengths of time and less often. But more importantly, I had to change my make-up routine.

The solution

Did you try make-up for sensitive eyes?

I admit that in the beginning I was sceptical. Then, when I talked about my problems with co-workers, they convinced me that make-up for sensitive eyes is effective. Ever since then, it's been a success for me! For me, someone who loves primping herself, I can still play with my looks: light, rather prim shades in the day and more intense colours for romantic dinners. Nothing is off-limits, not even smoky eyes... Thanks to a special eye pencil for sensitive eyes!

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