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The eye and its contour: a very sensitive area

Img_The eye and its contour: a very sensitive area

Very thin, scarcely protected and naturally subject to numerous aggressions, the eye contour is one of the most sensitive parts of the face. For the eye itself and the contour, gentleness is crucial.


The eye's lachrymal film: natural protection

The eye's surface has a sort of natural shield against various external aggressions (irritants, dust, etc.): lachrymal liquid. Composed notably of organic salts, glucose and oxygen, it "nourishes" the surface layer of the cornea. If it is impaired, the lachrymal film can no longer play its role of protective barrier. Feelings of discomfort then appear: watery eyes, redness, dryness or itchy eyes.


The area surrounding the eye: a reactive zone

The skin around the eyes is four times thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. Moreover, the sebaceous glands in this area are only found in small quantities: so the hydrolipidic film is less equipped to play its traditional protective role against stress. Given that it bears 10,000 blinks per day, the eye contour is the first area to suffer fatigue and signs of ageing: dark circles, bags and fine lines. All these special features contribute to the sensitivity of the area around the eye, particularly when faced with overly irritating make-up or ill-suited cosmetic products, such as those containing allergenic ingredients or fragrances. These daily micro-stresses sometimes lead to allergic reactions: minor redness, dry skin, itching, swelling, etc.


Adapted products to reduce irritations

Each morning and night, you should use specific products for sensitive eyes. Instead of overly greasy formulas which cause the eyelids to swell, you should choose products that are more fluid and fresh. And opt for cleansers in gel or lotion form. Less aggressive, they do not leave an oily film. Similarly, you should remember to take out your contact lenses before removing make-up to avoid irritating the area surrounding the eye.   As for make-up, the best bet is to choose mascaras, eye pencils, eye shadows and eyeliners specially formulated for sensitive eyes. They ensure high tolerance during and after application. The elimination of pigments and other ingredients that could potentially cause allergies minimises the risk of reactions and ensures dermatological and ophthalmological comfort.

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