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Make-up for sensitive skin finally a reality.

Img_Make-up for sensitive skin finally a reality.

Some foundations can cause reactions; in particular you have to avoid the ones that contain allergy-inducing or potentially irritating ingredients. Choosing hypoallergenic and high tolerance foundations specially formulated for sensitive skin is paramount. Thanks to these, the pleasure of make-up and a perfectly even and enhanced skin tone is a reality for all skin types.


Meeting the demands of sensitive skin…

Today 70% of women who visit pharmacies claim to have sensitive skin. This skin condition is even more common in women with dry skin because 80% of them experience this sensitivity. Indeed, women with dry skin have dealt with skin marked by numerous sensory experiences, such as tightness, fragility, roughness and rigidity, which are accentuated when they use ill-suited foundations.


…with a suitable foundation option.

Applying make-up to sensitive skin is often difficult: An ill-suited foundation does not always adjust to the surface of the face. During the day, feeling of discomfort and pulling may appear. The foundation builds up in the face's recesses (wrinkles, fine lines, dry patches, imperfections) and the make-up result is uneven. In order for dry and sensitive skin to finally enjoy the pleasure of a customised foundation, it is essential to use a foundation that harmonises, is comfortable and ultra-moisturising, but to also favour hypoallergenic formulas to minimise the risk of irritation and allergies for these delicate epidermis types.


The keys to beautiful sensitive skin complexion

It is possible to get a nice complexion, even with sensitive skin, by following these tips:

  • Avoid using any cleansers with a soap base which dry out the skin and make it even more sensitive
  • Avoid contact with hard water as much as possible; opt for rinse-free cleansers and finish with a spray of thermal spring water
  • Always begin make-up application by neutralising localised skin imperfections using colour concealer pens, for example
  • Then even out the complexion across the face with a foundation formulated specially for sensitive skin
  • A spray of thermal spring water over your make-up will perfect its hold; you may wish to re-mist your face during the day to soothe and give your skin even more comfort
For more advice on choosing your foundation, don’t hesitate to consult your dermatologist.

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