"My skin stays supple and is smoother"

Img_"My skin stays supple and is smoother"

Sun, pollution, cigarettes, stress... Over time, Céline's skin has become sensitised, leading to imperfections, shine, redness and a feeling of discomfort on her face. Until she discovered foundations for sensitive skin.


Céline, how would you describe your skin?

Since I was a teenager, I have been lucky to live by the beach, but my skin has ultimately grown weary of it, especially since I haven't managed to quit smoking. My skin is more and more reactive. The slightest incident, change in season or excessive changes in temperature cause imperfections and redness to appear. This is a real inconvenience because I interact with a high-end international clientele every day.


Had you not thought about using foundation?

Before, no. I had the unpleasant sensation of not looking neat, but I did not wear it. I was afraid of further suffocating my skin and maintaining the vicious circle of imperfections with a foundation. Because I was so ill at ease, especially when working with my customers, I ended up seeing a dermatologist who suggested that I cleanse my skin gently. The other advice was to try a special foundation for sensitive skin. I was really surprised by the composition of the high tolerance products. It was exactly what I needed.

The solution

And are you satisfied with the results?

The results are perfect. The fluid melts instantly into my skin, which stays supple and soft. Now I've forgotten all those little hassles that were consuming me.

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