Oily skin with imperfections

There are specific treatments for oily skin and even severe imperfections, in particular products that regulate sebum production. Meticulous cleansing is also essential.

An in-depth look at Effaclar K(+), for skin freed from recurring blemishes and blackheads

Adult women are increasingly facing the appearance of late-onset acne.
Acne in adulthood is a genuinely upsetting condition that causes far more self-consciousness than problems with weight*.

La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory recognises the impact acne has on women's quality of life, and they have made a crucial breakthrough by identifying oxidation as a decisive factor in worsening the clinical signs of oily skin.

ImgPush3Questions_Cleaning oily skin requires particular care.

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« Cleaning oily skin requires particular care. »

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