Pigmentation problems

Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation and want a radiant, even complexion back?
Effective solutions are available

Spots, dull complexion: 4 tips for even, luminous skin

More than 200 million women* are affected by pigmentation problems. Regardless of their age or where they live in the world, these pigmentation flaws can often have an impact on their well-being. Now there are cosmetic solutions for them, such as the PIGMENTCLAR range.
It makes it possible to correct these spots with a lasting effect** and to even out and illuminate the complexion while protecting sensitive skin. Here are recommendations to optimise the results of your routine.
* TNS Sofres – Top 10 Studies
** Efficacy of the serum continues even 3 weeks after the application cessation (application during 12 weeks)


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« I use cryotherapy, a flash lamp or lasers to treat pigmentation spots »

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