Sensitive, dehydrated skin

In industrialised countries, over half of women claim to have sensitive skin. Symptoms include discomfort, redness, tightness and even prickling. To soothe the fragile epidermis, choose hydrating products for sensitive skin.

Keeping sensitive skin in its safety zone

With so many textures, fragrances and finishes on offer, the sensorial experience of skincare can be a moment of pure indulgence. But for women who have sensitive skin, with its fragile barrier and reactive nerve endings, the cosmetics aisle can feel like a minefield!
Countless brands lay claim to ‘no nasties’ formulations, yet products can fail to live up to expectations, triggering sensitive skin to react with prickling, stinging and redness.
Vulnerable to external aggressors, sensitive skin lives by the mantra “less is more” and truly requires the most expert care. Read on for a practical guide on how to navigate through the choices and find the right products to help your sensitive skin stay in its safety zone.


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