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NewLipikar Baume AP+M

Triple repair efficacy.
Immediately soothes skin. Anti-scratching, anti-relapse.

“Lipikar Baumer AP+M”

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LIPIKAR Baume AP+M rebalances skin microbiome. It soothes skin immediately and reduces scratching. With its anti-relapse efficacy, it spaces out flare-ups. It nourishes skin, and restores the skin barrier. Formulated for babies, children, adults with very dry, eczema-prone or allergy-prone skin.

200 mL

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    Atopic eczema and allergy-prone skin with extreme dryness.
    Babies - Children - Adults

    Lipikar Baume AP+ soothes extremely dry skin and alleviates itching immediately on application. It works to re-balance and protect the skin natural barriers, thus lastingly reducing recurrent flare-ups of severe dryness. Formulated for maximum tolerance, it can be used for the whole family, from babies to seniors, for improved quality of life. Tests show that regular application of LIPIKAR Baume AP+ lessens sleep disturbance for 81% of children with atopic eczema-prone skin*.

    Tested on more than 700 subjects with dermatologists and paediatricians.

    *clinical study on 27 children

    Product efficacy

    Clinically proven efficacy by 7 clinical studies on atopic eczema-prone skin and allergy-prone skin.

    82% of patients using LIPIKAR Baume AP+M for one month don't relapse vs only 26% of people using a standard care*:
    *Clinical study on 100 subjects

    Clinical study results for use in routine with LIPIKAR Syndet AP+ body cleanser**:

    Itching is decreased by -41%
    Sleep loss is decreased by -42%
    Quality of life is improved by +69%
    **Clinical study on 51 subjects (adults and children), during 2 weeks, using Lipikar syndet AP+ and Lipikar Balm AP+M

    Texture & application

    Quickly absorbs to facilitate and speed up daily application. Non-greasy, non-sticky finish. 

    Apply to face and body, once daily.

    For enhanced results cleanse skin with a gentle lipid-replenishing soap-free product, such as LIPIKAR Syndet AP+ or LIPIKAR Huile Lavante AP+ and apply LIPIKAR Stick AP+ throughout the day as needed, to soothe itching and dryness.
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    Be strong inside with LIPIKAR Baume AP+M

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    ImgIngredient_SHEA BUTTER

    A key ingredient in all of the LIPIKAR formulas, Shea Butter is renowned for its ability to restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film with lipids similar to skin’s own. Sustainable sourcing. 100% of Shea Butter comes from a responsible sourcing program in Burkina Faso.


    A soothing active ingredient that helps to soothe itching sensations and restore lipid barrier on skin. Suitable for atopic eczema-prone skin.


    An exclusive active complex to rebalance skin microbiome - skin's invisible living ecosystem.

    Our safety commitments

    Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.