NewToleriane Corrective Pen

Corrective action on 3 localised skin imperfections for sensitive or intolerant skin. 100% allergy-tested make-up you dare to wear.

“My fav and powerfull medicated conceller”

استخدمت منه درجة قريبه و اغمق شويه من لون بشرتى و و بستخدمه بديل للكونسيلير و امن جدا و فعال ف تغطيته و بيوحد اللون جدا و مع استخدامى لل pigmenticlar serum استخدامى ليه قل جدااا لان بالفعل منطقة حول العين افتحت جدا و الهالات اختفت

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  • Sensitive skin
  • 100% allergy-tested

Neutralises localised pigment imperfections. Optimal correction.



Formulated for all skin types, specially adapted to sensitive, intolerant or allergic skin. Allergy-tested. Dermatologist-approved.

Corrects localised pigment imperfections:
- green concealer pen to neutralise redness (scars, rosacea, etc.)
- yellow concealer pen to illuminate (dark undereye circles, others.)
- beige concealer pen (light or dark) to mask and even out skin imperfections.

Product efficacy

Immediate coverage of localised imperfections. Easily blendable to foundation.

Texture & application

After applying day cream, tap onto localised imperfections and spread. Requires 5 full base-turns prior to first use.

La Roche-Posay recommends

Your Toleriane Teint routine

The right gestures for your skin.

Our safety commitments

Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.